Nothing Is As It Seems.
Anonymous said:  I didn't wash my balls today and I was supposed to so its all cool shawty

Lmao. You should probably do that.

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I didn’t wash my hair today even tho I was suppose too.

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DJ Quik

lifeofajude thanx boo x3

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As Told By Ginger was actually a really good cartoon and went beyond the realm of a “kid’s cartoon”


  • Ginger and her brother was raised by a single mother 
  • Ginger’s father wasn’t present in her life and her brother Carl had resentment issues because of it
  • Courtney dealt worked through her privilege to become a more well rounded person
  • It discussed the topic of suicide/depression
  • Macie was emotionally abandoned by her parents   

masculin / feminingrace jones by jean-paul goude

I really do take and post too many selfies.



I was just about to fall asleep and he called and now I’m up. Ugh. Now I just wanna sleep.


Yassssss just got my haairrr did (: